MEMBERSHIP: Flex desk - Part time Terms & Conditions


(1) ESDIP Berlin coworking services include the use of office, working and common area, including the internet usage (W-Lan), as part of the services offered with every  Membership.

(2) Depending on the selected membership, this is limited to a particular use and/or specific time.

The following rates are currently offered:

1 day Pass: One day use of a chosen desk including unlimited internet access (WLAN) during *opening times.


Flex desk: Full month use of alternating desk including unlimited internet access during opening times.

Flex desk - part time: 12 days use over a month at alternating desks including unlimited internet access during opening times (this 12 passes expire after one month and are not accumulative). 

Fixed desk: Full month use of a specific workplace including unlimited internet access during opening times.

Fixed desk + full access: Full month use of a specific workplace including unlimited internet access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

*Opening times: Mon-Fri, 10:00-19:00.

(3) The following extra kits are optional at the rates specified under (2) and must be booked: locker, extra hours meeting room, extra day passes.

(4) The workplaces are equipped with: table, chair, electricity and Wi-Fi.

(5) The workplace is used by the member only for his/her freelancing work. For a different use the written consent of ESDIP Berlin is required.

(6) The Flex desks must be left completely clean by the member after use every day.


(1) Members have access to ESDIP Berlin during the general opening times: Mon-Fr, 10:00-19:00.

(2) Members who have contracted extra "24/7 access", have a personal key to access ESDIP Berlin. The loss of this key must be reported immediately.


(1) All prices include the current valid taxes and apply only to the specified services.

(2) Payment must be done in advance. Payments for memberships renewed on a monthly basis must be done on the 1st day of each month. Members are not permitted to use ESDIP's services until payment is complete.

(3) In the case of a delay, ESDIP Berlin reserves the right to charge reminder costs in the amount of EUR 5,00.

(4) For the extra "24/7 access" a deposit in the amount of 50 Euro is required. The deposit must be paid at the beginning of the contract.

(5) If the member makes one single payment of four or more of their monthly fees in advance, ESDIP can offer a 10% discount on the total. On the case of cancelation by the member, no refund will be given.

(6) The contract duration of any membership with Registered Business Address is 6 months. To register it is required a copy of the member's Anmeldung not older than 6 months.

(7) Absence does not exempt a coworker from paying their contractual dues.


(1) ESDIP Berlin may terminate with immediate effect any contract if the members does not meet his/her payment obligations for the second time or his/her contractual obligations in any way.

(2) Members may terminate the contract anytime, and it will be effective from the first day of the following month. Once the month has started, it is not possible to cancel the contract.


(1) Members with FIXED rate can set up their own workplace, furniture and technical periphery after consultation with ESDIP Berlin.

(2) Members are obliged to make their work space available in the evening hours and weekends for event purposes which could happen. Members must be informed about the event at least 2 days in advance. The emptying of the workplace will be carried out together by the member and ESDIP Berlin‘s team.

(3) Members may not sublease their workspace to third parties.

(4) ESDIP Berlin may repair and or maintain the room for the preservation and expansion of the room or the workplace or to prevent risks or to eliminate damages. It requires no approval from members and no time limit. Members are obliged to provide his workspace or make the space accessible for this purpose. Members may not reduce the customer fee unless the use of his/her workspace is impeded for a significant time.

(5) ESDIP Berlin provides hardware and appliances such as printers, projectors, dishwashers, coffee machines, etc. These devices are tested regularly to maintain their functional capability. Any damage caused by improper use must be paid for by the user.

(6) ESDIP Berlin reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.


(1) ESDIP Berlin provides cold drinks and coffee. Members agree to pay 1,5 Euro for each beverage. There's a jar for the money, and payment is on the honor system.

(2) The use of the fridge must be moderated respecting the space and the food of other members.

(3) Members must leave the kitchen clean after use.


(1) Members can reserve and use the meeting room for half of the regular price (normally 20€ per hour).

(2) Members may spontaneously use the meeting room free of charge for calls, etc, so long as it is not already reserved, and agree to respect booking hours, leaving the room 15 minutes before the next booking starts. Please check to see if there is a prior booking before doing this!

(3) Members must leave the meeting room clean after use.

(4) ESDIP reserves the right to impose limitations on the frequency of use of the meeting room.

(5) Admission fees may not be charged by members using the meeting room.

(6) Meeting room is not available for commercial purposes, i.e. no items may be sold, workshops or events hold, except those sponsored by ESDIP Berlin.


(1) Members agree to respect all applicable local, national and international laws and regulations. Members are solely responsible for all of his or her actions and omissions in the context of Internet usage.


(1) Members will inspect the workplace in detail before closing and leaving.

(2) Members with 24/access accept that: they can use the space only for his/her work. Keys are not transferable. Members may not let third parties access the space. Customers must leave the space clean when they leave. All windows and curtains must be closed, and the main door locked when leaving. If the key(s) get lost or broken, ESDIP Berlin is entitled to retain the deposit. Members are responsible for any damage to the premises if these conditions are not met.

(3) ESDIP Berlin is not liable for the infringement by third parties upon intellectual property rights of customer's work, or infringement occurring with the transmission of data and data-data carriers. Members are responsible for ensuring that all competition, copyright, trademark, privacy or other legal violations are not the responsibility of ESDIP Berlin. If ESDIP Berlin receives notice of such violations, the contract with the member will be terminated immediately. In the event of any violation, member hold ESDIP Berlin harmless from any claims by third parties.

In the event that ESDIP Berlin is sued by any third party as a result of an infringement claim, the member must reimburse the costs of statutory attorney fees.

(4) Members are responsible for sufficiently safe closure of rented cabinets, lockers, etc. ESDIP Berlin is not liable for stolen items.

(5) Members agree that ESDIP Berlin is in no way responsible for any personal injuries, property damage, lost & stolen items, or other liabilities that may be incurred during the use of the facility. Thus, members agree to release, indemnify and hold ESDIP Berlin and its affiliated organizations harmless of any such claims, damages, losses, or expenses and releases them from any liability whatsoever related to the use of ESDIP Berlin.

(6) Members expressly agree to waive any claims for direct and/or indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages, including loss of revenue, profits, businesses or data, associated with the agreement, a nonperformance of services envisaged by the agreement by mistake or omission, for example a non-performance or unpunctual performance of delivery services (e.g. mail), or associated with a discontinuation of these services.

(7) Members acknowledge the likelihood of extensive modernization and repair work yet to be undertaken in the building. Members hereby agree to tolerate such construction work and agrees to make not claims for reduced usage fees or damages, assuming no willful or gross negligence on the part of ESDIP Berlin. Mitigation and compensation claims by the customer are limited to willful and gross negligence.

(8) Abandoned items can be stored on the premises at the expense of the member. There is no obligation to retain belongings left behind.

(9) Members agree to waive any claims for problems with network connectivity outside of ESDIP Berlin’s control.


(1) ESDIP Berlin reserves the right to change usage fees, conditions of service, and these Terms and Conditions.

(2) ESDIP Berlin will give notice of changes to membes by email, 14 days prior to changes taking effect. E-mail addresses used for this purpose will be the e-mail address of the member that was provided and verified during the registration process. Should the member not object to the change in Terms within 14 days of receipt of notice, the amended Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to be accepted. E-mail notification satisfies the requirement for notice of changes to be made in writing, to which the member hereby assents. Member is herewith advised that objections to changes must be made in writing within two weeks after notification of the changes.

In this case, the contract shall be dissolved at the next termination date, while failure to state objections in writing shall be deemed acknowledgment and acceptance of the changes by the member.


(1) ESDIP Berlin is entitled to change individual offerings/services, but not essential components, providing the changes are reasonable to ESDIP Berlin members.

(2) ESDIP Berlin keeps members informed about hours of operation and available services. The hours of operation can - if necessary and reasonable - be lengthened or shortened, as in the case of holidays, or during renovations or repairs. ESDIP Berlin will announce changes in hours of operation or closure of premises with reasonable advance notice.

(3) Members are obliged to obey the instructions of ESDIP Berlin staff and to abide by house rules. Blatant and/or repeated violations authorize ESDIP Berlin to temporarily ban or to terminate a member without notice. ESDIP Berlin reserves the right to make reasonable changes to house rules.

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